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Whether you want a cock ring for rock-hard erections that last or you are looking for a thrilling way to pleasure her, Screaming O offers a cock ring for every penis and every desire. With simple stretchy styles that enhance your package and elevate your orgasms to vibrating cock rings that turn the penis into a playful vibrating love machine, our collection of cock rings has something for every couple.

Cock Ring Basics

Read about the three main varieties of penis rings and be an informed buyer. Learn the difference between non vibrating rings, vibrating rings and premium rechargeable vibrating rings to find out which is going to help you get more pleasure with your partner. You can also learn how to use a cock ring with our Cock Ring Basics guide.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Our vibrating cock rings come in a variety of styles to give him rock-solid erections that last longer, transform him into a one-of-a-kind, personalized vibrator and satisfy the most carnal, sexual encounters. Featuring a powerful, vibrating bullet, our vibrating cock rings tease his testicles or perineum, vibrate the full-length of his shaft and make her quiver with clitoral stimulation with every thrust. Plus, you can wear our cock rings in various ways to enhance both his and her pleasure. Our stretchy cock rings are made from body-safe True Silicone and SEBS and clean up easily with soap and water.

Vibrating cock rings are must-have sex toys for couples as they turn him into a rock-hard, one-of-a-kind vibrator and clitoral stimulator. The original SCREAMING O® Cock Ring stretches to fit and has a powerful mini-vibe that stimulates his member and gives her clitoral thrills with every str-O-ke. Love ‘em? Buy the original Screaming O Cock Ring in a 10 pack!

Or, try the Ohare XL Cock Ring that engulfs his member and balls snugly and offers vibrating bunny ears that snuggle the clitoris, wrapping it in mind bl-O-wing stimulation. Try the Ohare Charged edition for years of rechargeable pleasure and 10 rumbling sensation settings. Finally, if you desire earth-shattering Os for you both, slip on the O Wow Double Whammy cock ring.

With dual bullets; one for teasing his testicles or taint and another to bathe her clitoris in sizzling pleasure, this stretchy cock ring with stimulating nubs is tops in sex toys for couples.

Non-Vibrating Cock Rings

Non-vibrating cock rings fit around the base of the penis, or wrap around both the penis and testicles to enhance his erection, allow him to perform longer and give him stronger, more intense orgasms. Made from super-stretchy silicone or SEBS, our cock rings stay put and fit any penis thickness. Choose from simple-but-satisfying styles, dual-ring cock rings, or textured cock rings that stimulate her clitoris for O-ver-the-top orgasmic ecstasy. Priced for every budget and with every man in mind, try one cock ring or try them all.

Our stretchy cock rings are the best sex toys for couples. For instance, our RingO Cock Ring gives you no-frills staying power with a thick, stay-in-place design for more powerful erections and sex that will send her into O-blivian. Or, if you prefer a cock ring that wraps around your testicles too, try the super-stretchable, RingO 2 for expl-O-sive orgasms.

Want a couple’s sex toy that pleasures her too? Slip on the O Joy Cock Ring with the tantalizing texture of stimulating nubs and a digit divot so you can add to her pleasure with pressure. Bring her along to the mutual big-O with this snug, stretchy cock ring. Or, if you feel the need for an all-night ride, choose one of our 3 RingO Ranglers Cock Rings featuring a snug but stretchy fit and balls, notches and shapes to keep your cock ring in place:

  • Cannonball
  • Outlaw
  • Spur

Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Rings

Screaming O’s collection of rechargeable cock rings gives couples durable, multi-use c-rings that gO a full 60 minutes on a single charge. And speaking of charging, our true, USB connectors stay put, unlike those magnetic chargers from other brands. Try one of our many rechargeable cock rings for firmer erections, delayed ejaculation and mind-bl-O-wing orgasms. Our cock rings are created for snug-fitting comfort and are made with body-safe materials. Plus, you can choose from features such as clitoral stimulators, titillating textures and his and her vibrating bullets. And don’t forget the exclusive Vooom deep, rumbling vibrations with 10 or more exciting patterns to choose from.

Our cock rings offer you the largest selection of penis-gripping, erection sustaining, long-lasting sexual gratification. Whether you prefer to wrap your member at the base of the shaft, or around your testicles, Screaming O cock rings let you choose between non-vibrating, vibrating and rechargeable styles for your pleasure and hers.

Rechargeable vibrating c-rings are a couple’s sex toy staple and a necessity for every night stand. The Charged Collection of vibrating cock rings give couples a full 60 minutes of play with each charge featuring a true, USB charging connection; no difficult-to-connect magnets like those other brands.

Take the Charged Skooch Cock Ring for a ride and let the flexible fins flick her clitoris with a choice of 10 rumbly sensations while keeping you firm, sensitive and ready to please. Or, try the O Yeah Plus Vibrating cock ring with an inn-O-vative, vertical bullet to connect with all of her sensitive spots while gripping your penis for a snug but comfortable fit.

Last, but not least, My Secret Screaming O Bullet and Ring for Him is the male equivalent of the vibrating panty. Wear this comfortable, True Silicone cock ring anytime for frisky, secret stimulation controlled by a stretch-to-fit, remote control ring. Wear it 2 ways for your choice of perineum or shaft massage and enjoy a just-for-him tease at home or on the gO.

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